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I'm going through some fatigue again, not just because that last comic took a bit out of me, but I think my eldest sister's life drama is effecting me. I even had a nightmare last night. She's left her boyfriend, though not without some issues...My sister clearly has bad judgement when it comes to men. The ones she pairs up with usually end up being abusive in some way. Well, hopefully she will now focus on taking care of her kids and herself.

So I'm gonna take a short break from drawing for a while, so I can relax and try to avoid anything that will cause me stress.

For any of you that want to RP with me, I'm sorry, but I just am not up to it. I can answer questions and reply to comments, but my mind is not up for RP. I know that I haven't answered some comments and notes, but that's because my mind is having trouble processing answers to certain things. Also, I don't take requests, especially since right now I want to save what little energy I can gather on my own stories and art ideas.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Watching: Gameplay vids, other times TV with my parents.
  • Playing: Mabinogi and Sims 3


United States
Drawing Style - Anime-ish

Original Series: Kaden

FanArt/Fanfic Series: Kirby, Pok'emon, Mario, Nightmare Before Christmas

Themes of Art/Stories - Cuteness, Romance, Action, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Disorder - Aspurgers

Religion - Christian

Likes - Cute Stuff, Kirby, Pok'emon, Earthbound/Mother, moths, dragons, sweets, lolita outfits, good morals, Sims 2 and 3, Spore, drawing, making things with clay, writing, playing video games, being kind to others, making friends, victorian themed homes and decor, comedy, mystery stories/shows/movies, medical mysteries.

Dislikes - Yaoi/yuri, pedophilia, potty humor, gross stuff, people saying the F-word or God's name in vain, things that are sacrilegious, immoral behavior, rudeness, cruelty, onions and most other vegatables, parsley, gravy, having health problems.

Fears - Spiders (but not all species), falling down the stairs, death, pain, death of family members, my dad's anger, hurting my fingers or back, bugs that sting or bite, ugly bugs, blood and gore.

I have a facebook account if you're interested, just look up MoonWarriorAutumn. But be sure to send me a note on DA so I know who you are.

I also play Pangya. My ID is MWAutumn and my nickname is LadyAutumn. I play as Arin.

Another game I play is Mabinogi. My ID is MWAutumn.

My Spore ID is MoonWariorAutum.

Favourite genre of music: Game Music, Classics
Favourite style of art: Anime, Kawaii
MP3 player of choice: MP4


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JerkyllHyde Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Give me your personal opinion on Deadpool and Silver Sable, YuuMii.
JerkyllHyde Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
And here is some Teletubbies episodes for YOU, Biimii.

I Want to be a Vet-…;
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ninjakingofhearts Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Since you and I both know G gundam there's something awesome I like to tell you.
metaknight117 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  New member Student General Artist
*breaths in* HI Wave 
MoonWarriorAutumn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015
Hi! :3
metaknight117 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  New member Student General Artist
La la la la 
JerkyllHyde Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
Have you ever seen Teletubbies before?
MoonWarriorAutumn Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015
The show, somewhat. It was when my oldest nephew was younger, my mom had turned it on for him.

Mostly I've seen people play horror games based off of the teletubbies.
JerkyllHyde Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2015
I like the Teletubbies so much. There is an official channel on Youtube that has about 217 videos uploaded.

Try watching REAL Teletubbies stuff such as the episodes:
1. Ned's Bicycle-…
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JerkyllHyde Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015
Have you watched the episodes yet?
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